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What is ChangeFunder?

ChangeFunder is working with people and communities in developing countries and crisis-affected locations. Our social media platform enables them to share their needs and ideas in the form of small-scale fundable “projects.” We connect them directly to ChangeFunder members who can engage with, contribute to, follow, and share specific projects over a single social media platform.

We've launched our alpha platform!
Our pilot is live and on-the-ground in Kenya.

Meet some of our Change Makers

We've met some amazing people from Migori and Kitale, Kenya who are among our first Change Makers. We are off and running and building relationships every day. Check out these highlights:

CF WEBSITE - Orphan Outreach1


Many Kenyan children are orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS and environmental catastrophes. Without a social safety net, these children dress in rags, beg in the streets, eat from the trash, and sleep outdoors. In Kipsongo, John wants to help these orphans improve their lives, get schooling and become active community members. John dreams of creating a community network that builds trust with these kids by providing basic food, shelter, and hope, and then connects them to communities of support where they can access longer-term services for education, healthcare, and ongoing help.

CF WEBSITE - Pit Latrine Project


Many parts of Kiminini have poor environmental hygiene due to lack of running water and the cost of digging and constructing pit latrines. This puts more than 650 households at risk of communicable diseases such as cholera. Kennedy’s project proposes to build pit latrines for his community to ensure a clean environment, improve hygiene standards and eradicate the risks involved.

CF WEBSITE - Kids in Schools


Joshua is a student from Kiminini who knows many of his fellow students are unable to complete schooling because they have been orphaned or their parents can’t afford tuition. He sees ChangeFunder as a means to improve these lives and strengthen the economic future for many in his community. As little as $50 per month will provide tuition and books that will enable students to complete schooling and ultimately support their family with better paying jobs.

CF WEBSITE - Rugby Project


Daniel carefully looked into challenges affecting the majority of the youth in the Trans-Nzoia area and found that many energetic youth often succumb to drug abuse and crime because of the unemployment crisis. He knows that keeping them active through rugby will teach these developing youth social skills, nurture healthy competition, and build a community that will lead to broader involvement and healthy growth.

CF WEBSITE - Tree Seedling Project


Teresa is a young environmentalist who sees the connection between the environment and economic vitality in her community. She dreams of planting more trees to beautify her surroundings, control soil erosion, increase rainfall, and have the potential to create job opportunities that will raise the living standards of her community.

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